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Ginuwine’s unstoppable “So Anxious” (1999): This one was on there because it’s perfect. I mean, there’s literally a part in the video when he pop-locks in heaven. Probability of sex: negative-95 percent Every time I get mad at someone under 25 years old for anything, I have to stop and take a step back and remember that I grew up with Ginuwine and this person grew up with Trey Songz. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.So I was putting it on every compilation mix I made back then. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button. We were in college, and we’d gone on exactly one date at that point and she didn’t throw up or try to stab me, so in my brain I just was like, Now, I’m probably not that great at sex, but I’m all-world at planning for it. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can lead to complications.

The producers had to physically cast a guest star in these 85 roles.

The writers typically wrote dialogue for these characters as well. OK, it’s Joey, but he actually only had one more sexual partner during the ten seasons of the show than two other characters.

One in 10 Americans uses a smartphone during sex, high-tech adult toys are rising in popularity and there's a whole bevy of apps available to spice up your sex life.

Although past studies have shown that people enjoy sex more than Facebook (is that really a surprise?