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But for those who want a retreat from reality in order to spend time in this beautiful little Brigadoon of a town, where a scheme to install a new sewer system is one of the most pressing issues on the local agenda, these “Gilmore Girls” episodes will feel like a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

At times, the fan service threatens to take over the storytelling, and there are signs of the drift that afflicts other Netflix series: Sub-plots that would have gotten a scene or two in the WB version of the show receive extensive and sometimes indulgent amounts of room in the four installments of “A Year in the Life,” each of which depicts a season in Stars Hollow.

"Like most kids that pick up a guitar, I would sit there in my room and listen to Stones records and Jimi Hendrix records and try to play along with those guys," said Patterson, 57, who grew up in Haddonfield and went to rock shows at the Spectrum.

"That's how I learned my instrument." Lifelong friend Tom Poitras, a drum teacher at the New Jersey School of Music in Medford, can attest to Patterson's proclivity for music.

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Most of the viewers who dive into Netflix’s “new” incarnation of “Gilmore Girls” are probably operating from a similar impulse: They want their TV comfort food, and they want it now.

Breathe a sigh of relief: The “Gilmore Girls” we knew and loved is back, and at its best, it’s the equivalent of a platter of powdered donuts and extra-crispy french fries.